Colour is the easiest form of expression.  When we initially move into a new home, changing the wall colour from white to something more interesting is often the first order of business.  As colour can positively affect our moods, we lean towards a palette that inspires us, makes us feel good and generally injects life into our homes and personal spaces.  As interior designers, we love colour more than most.  Whether it is paint on a wall, vibrant pieces of art or injections of pattern, we strive to bring life to rooms that have otherwise lacked excitement. 

However, preparing a home for re-sale is far different than decorating the space we live in.  As professional stagers, we choose a colour palette based on the pieces of furniture, artwork and accessories that we bring in rather than painting the walls and neutralizing from there.  When selling your property, the wall colour should provide a background that compliments the best features of your home rather than accentuating the space, making it feel much smaller.  A neutral wall colour provides a clean canvas to work with allowing potential buyers to see beyond the shell of your home and focus on future possibilities.  

Isabelle Guay, PRES, RESA

Flow Home Staging