When Andrea Bernicki and her husband moved in to their Yaletown condo, they knew they wanted to renovate the space to better suit their lifestyle and who they are as a couple.  At the end of January, I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrea to hear about the experience and to see her new space for myself.  With the beautiful backdrop of False Creek, this update speaks for itself with a decidedly west coast flair.

The design process started with Maison D’Etre, a Georgie award-winning boutique style renovation company located in Vancouver.  Having experience behind them and a talented team of designers and contractors, Maison D’Etre was able to manipulate the space to provide a contemporary open concept that no longer competed with the view but complemented it.  With a set budget of close to a quarter-million dollars, this couple was ready to re-create their dream space.

As design began, Andrea felt something was missing.  While her initial design team was able to create a beautiful space plan, she turned to a different designer to complete the finishing touches.  Having seen the work of Tina Presley (designer with Flow Home Staging & Design) in the home of a friend, Andrea was confident in bringing her on board.  Without having a clear direction, Tina was able define Andrea’s vision and guide her with regard to finishes that were both on trend and had lasting appeal.

Defining the style of this newly renovated space was the first task Tina and Andrea undertook and it was clear that they needed to simplify the details of the job to avoid straying off course.  Learning about her clients and their surroundings helped Tina settle on “organic glam;” a west coast abode lending itself to a soft, warm palette of whites, contrasting darker built-ins and a rich walnut floor with loads of texture and depth.  As views span 180 degrees and the condo boasts floor to ceiling windows throughout, neither client nor designer wanted to obstruct what the city was offering in terms of breathtaking scenery.

Having settled on finishes to exploit all things good about their new space plan, Andrea (who’s husband was happy to give her free rein throughout the process) had to furnish their new condo!  With an idea of what she wanted and stores she loved, Tina helped narrow down inevitable choices, mapping out what would fit, how it would be laid out and how the space should eventually feel.  Tina leaned towards softer lines and colours as the space already had such angled walls.  With a modern look, contemporary feel and comfortably sleek furnishings, the living and dining room melded together; a work of art on a drop dead gorgeous background.

The bedroom was a different story.  Although keeping with the consistency of softer lines, this room needed to be romantic and inviting.  A chaise lounge for two, overlooking False Creek and accentuated by an elegant gold lamp from Peridot, this space easily became a retreat within a retreat.