Spring cleaning and decluttering really do go hand in hand; when we begin to do one, we often want to get started on the other. Here are three things to do in your home in order to prepare for a decluttering session!


  1. Clean the windows. Throw open those curtains, pull up the blinds and give your windows a good polishing. Letting in as much of that Springtime light as possible to brighten up your room while you declutter with have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
  2. Dust and clean your lighting fixtures. Yes, it’s getting warmer! But let’s face, we still live in a rainy city. Giving yourself the brightest possible environment to declutter will keep your spirits up as you work.

3. Clean your surface. If you’re going to use your dining table to work on, give it a good wipe down. If it’s the living room floor, mop and vacuum. If it’s your bed, put on a fresh set of sheets. Having a clean surface to work on simply feels great, and makes decluttering feel like less of a daunting chore!


Decluttering should be a positive experience, so giving yourself time to set up a pleasing environment to work in will help set you up for success! Put on your favourite music and pour yourself a nice cup of tea as you sort through your categories. Turn decluttering from a chore into a project or a goal, and work slowly at it until you reach the desired results.

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