What a fantastic year!

During 2017, we had the opportunity to work on some exciting design projects, sometimes partnered with other local companies. It has been a very busy year for us! We would like to thank you all our clients and partners for such an amazing year, full of incredible projects and experiences.

And we wanted to share with you our Top 3 Interior Design projects of 2017!

Hornby Street, Vancouver

Our Design team created this beautiful custom built-in wall for one of our clients, to match the curve of the existing wall and make it look part of the original plan. They also added some textured wall paper to create depth and dimension. Very well done!

East 11th Avenue, Vancouver

Another great design project in collaboration with Van Drunen Construction! Our client wanted us to plan a renovation for the kitchen and two bathrooms on his condo. The result? This stunning open concept kitchen and a compact ensuite with lots of added storage

East 21st Avenue, Vancouver

The result of team work! This beautiful house on East Vancouver was designed and stage by the Flow Team. The Design team created the house from scratch, taking care of all the details as flooring, fireplace design, paint colours, cabinets and dining fixture. The Staging team added some final touches…. et voilà!

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