Art Emulating Life

Breanna, a design client with Flow Home Staging, has exquisite taste.  A young woman with an affinity for all things beautiful, she was a dream to work with, just ask Tina Presley, our lucky designer who had the pleasure of making Breanna’s vision come to life.

Design is about knowing your client and Tina wasted no time determining the vibrancy within Breanna.  Beautiful pieces that were not only visually appealing but soft to the touch were sourced out, pieces that not only spoke to the client but told a story of her style, tastes and interests.  While the majority of the shopping was done at The Cross in Yaletown and Peridot Vancouver, a home décor boutique located in the South Granville shopping district, Tina and Breanna both searched to find that je ne sais quoi for the space.

Having chosen two beautifully finished blue velvet chairs for the living room, a favorite of Breanna’s, Tina set out trying to find a piece of art that incorporated the rich blue but that also fit the space without overwhelming it.  With a beautifully painted piece of art set on the mantel portraying soft peonies, designer and client wanted something different yet still elegant.  What they found was Kim Johnson, an artist represented by Peridot.  With an innate talent for creating intriguing and individualized paintings, Tina was able to have a custom piece created that incorporated Frenchie, Breanna’s lovable little dog!


The inspiration was a work of art displayed at Peridot of a Victorian living room and parlor.  Although this particular painting was not right for Breanna’s dining space, Kim was more than willing to work Frenchie into a similar painting that would be completely custom and extremely special.  It is in this space that we realize home is where the art is!

Testimonial from Breanna:

“Working with Tina from Flow Home Staging was a wonderful experience. We truly did have so much fun with my design project from beginning to end. To start I was unsure of what direction I was looking to go in as there are just too many beautiful pieces out there. Tina was able to work with me and learn who I am and what styles and colours I am drawn to quiet quickly, After doing so she was able to nail the style of which was best for me, light, airy and 100% feminine! Tina found the most exquisite pieces ones which I will cherish forever, timeless beauty! I could not be happier with the style of my new home and will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Tina. Many thanks again Tina for all your hard work!”


Breanna Laubach