Still going strong!

We’re continuing the celebrations here at Flow: 8 years in business and still going strong! We’re taking the month of October to highlight what is it we truly love about our job, what keeps us going, and fun projects we’re really proud of. Today our “Design Maven” Nicole tells us some tips about home staging and decor!

“A touch of gold – gold has made a strong presence in design over the last year. Updating an old element with new finishes and textures gives it a modern feel. I love using it as an accent in a grouping to add a bit of sparkle and warmth.”

“Large artwork is a great way to inject colour and drama into a space.  It makes a bold statement without having to use too many elements.”

“Dining tables and bedrooms are among my favourite areas to stage. It’s a great way to play with layers by adding in different textures, finishes and colours. I often like to do a neutral palette that plays on textures or add in a pop of colour for depth.”

Thanks to Nicole for sharing her ideas and insights with us for today’s blog! Be sure to follow us on social media for more tips on interior design, decor and home staging.