We love coffee table styling! It is one of our favorite parts when we stage an empty property. Coffee tables are an important part of a living room. We could say that it is a bit of an art! When styling your coffee table, it is important that they look good, but they also have be functional. The display needs to be attractive without disrupting the flow of the space.


What steps do I need to follow to style my coffee table?


Our staging team brought you some useful and practical tips to help you style your coffee table, let’s get started!

#1 – Create a composition

This step is key when styling your coffee table. Imagine a few items in a little vignette and make them work as a unit. You need to find a way to connect all of them. To do this, you could use a color, shapes, a theme, sizes, a particular style, color shades… Getting a balanced composition takes time. You can play around with all the items, set different vignettes and finally decide which one feels right to you.

#2 – Use proportional sizes

Play around with different height and scale of objects to give structure and proportion to your composition. It will make it more dynamic and will add a visual interest to your coffee table. But be careful not to have anything so tall that could obstructs the view of people sitting on either side of the table.

#3 – Less is more

We know. Sometimes is hard to say no to all the nice accessories that we see around. However, it is really important not to overcrowd and keep the functionality of your coffee table. You can stack or group objects together to avoid a cluttered look, while keeping enough space for whatever you might need.

#4 – Natural elements

A little plant, a vase with some flowers, nature-inspired accessories, some dried leaves… you name it! Incorporating natural elements is one of the biggest interior design trends at this moment. Try different color combinations to create your own personal style. Our favorites? Warm neutrals and off-whites! They are a great option to create a timeless and flexible natural palette.

#5 – Include a conversation starter

Your coffee table need that one standout piece! It could be a personal item that is dear to you, a statement piece with a unique shape or finish or any other item that has a good story waiting to be told! Like any other room, your living room can benefit from having a focal point. And a coffee table display could help to create this visual point.

#6 – Textures and shapes

Coffee table styling is all about experimenting to create the perfect style for you. Don’t be afraid to mix shapes and finishes to create interest and dimension on your display. Texture accents, a touch of high-gloss, lines vs. curves… It is time to unleash our imagination and have fun!

We hope you liked our coffee table styling tips!


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