Sometimes when the Flow Team goes out to see a client, we don’t end up doing a full staging job. Sometimes homeowners don’t have the budget for staging services, and sometimes the circumstances of their move just aren’t right for a full staging. But often enough, when we go out to see a home, our clients already have furniture and accessories that make for a beautiful presentation. All they need is a little rearranging!

Take this lovely little home for example. We did a quick consultation, helped our client move some things around her home to maximize space, and made suggestions on de-cluttering and organizing. This was especially essential in the home office, as this client is self-employed and used the space every single day, with several desks, filing cabinets and storage units taking up square footage in the room. She did an absolutely amazing job reworking the room based on the Flow Team’s recommendations, and the office looks huge!

The best news is, the property sold in a little under a month, and for $142,000 over the asking price! These kinds of results are why we’re in the business; we love celebrating these kinds of successes with our clients and knowing that they got the most out of their experience working with the Flow Team.

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