When designing for the addition of a baby boy, traditionally, as pink is for baby girls, we tend towards soft blues.  Although this is makes for a very cute space, we like to venture away from the norm and spice things up a little bit.

Create a space where your baby boy can flourish; strong statement colours, playful accent pieces and soft textures.  Just like nurseries for baby girls, wallpaper is always a great choice.  Visual texture and patterns, whether they be bold or soft and simple, add depth to a space that can often fall flat if painted one colour.

People are often afraid of colour, of making the wrong choice or going too light or dark, but, if you accessorize your space effectively, virtually any colour can work.  As boys need a little drama and are less apt to appreciate the prettier things in life, why not be bold with a navy blue wall complimented by green accent colours and softened by a neutral area rug and white furniture?  Alternately choose a slate gray back drop with pops of orange, blue (of varying shades), yellow and soft green; all colours round out the space without being overwhelming.

As boys can be easy to design for and options seem unlimited, try varying shades of blues and turquoises with soft grays.  Work with green as your main colour and accent with yellow and orange, softening with deep blues.  Be bold with an orange feature wall neutralized with white furniture and deep blue and white accents.  Wall decals add interest with a variety of playful scenes if bold colours are not in your comfort zone.

Designing for the arrival of a baby boy is always fun.  If you know a boy is in your future, be bold, take risks and create a space that will become a haven for your little munchkin.  We read somewhere that boys are noise with dirt on them, so, create a space that will let them be just that!