Lately on the Flow Blog we’ve been talking a lot about decluttering; you may have read our entries about the website Becoming Minimalist, which really inspired the team to start talking about our STUFF. You know, that every day STUFF that piles up all around us, that STUFF that we just don’t know what to do with, that gets shuffled from room to room or cupboard to cupboard, the STUFF that we’re sure we don’t actually need but never seem to get rid of.

My parents recently moved back to Vancouver after 14 years on the East Coast. Their belongings and furniture arrived a day before their flight, and I was on hand to let the moving team into their home here and get things put into the correct rooms. And I was faced with a whole lot of STUFF. I phoned my Mum and jokingly asked if she forgot that the house they own here is smaller than the one they moved out of, but she assured me that she purged a lot before they left. And as they unpack this week they’re continuing to purge. Which lead me back to thinking about Becoming Minimalist, and how much STUFF we really need.

Whether you’re struggling to clear out your home in order to sell it, or just doing some Spring cleaning because you feel you have too much STUFF, the Flow Team would like to offer some help! Here’s a list of resources that may help you on your journey to becoming more minimalist.

Goodbye Clutter: Based right here in Vancouver, Elinor Warkentin has been a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada since 2003. She has worked across Canada, and also teaches workshops and classes on organizing and decluttering. No challenge is too daunting to Elinor! She believes that clutter can negatively affect our peace of mind and strives to help clients achieve more emotional freedom by tidying up their environments.

Fly Lady: It’s a strange name but a great online resource for helping get on top of everyday cleaning chores as not to get overwhelmed. Sign up for emails, read blog entries or watch how-to videos on the site: the FlyLady system helps you integrate daily tasks into your routine to make cleaning and decluttering a breeze. I personally recommend the site, as it has helped me tremendously!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Marie Kondo is a Japanese decluttering expert, and her best-selling book has become something of a phenomenon. In fact, it was recommended to me by one of our staging clients! Some of the ideas may seem a little hokey and strange, but the principles Kondo presents to us – called the KonMari Method – follow a “place for everything and everything in its place” mentality which certainly works.

So what would it take for YOU to declutter your home and live with less? Do you have any recommendations, any tips or ideas, or success stories to share? We’d love to get a discussion going, so feel free to comment here on the blog or connect with the Flow Team on social media!


Shona, Flow Blogger