We’ve been caught up in the “Christmas Spirit” here at Flow, but we don’t mean to be culturally insensitive!

Our very own Nicole Varga has a Jewish background, and she shared her family’s holiday traditions for today’s blog:

“Our holidays were always very untraditional in the sense that we took little bits and pieces from both Christmas and Hanukkah and shmushed them into one holiday.

Growing up we always had a tree (we called it a Hanukkah Bush) as well as lit the candles on the Menorah. We opened 1 present on the first day of Hanukkah and then saved the rest for Christmas Morning.  My mom always has a Hanukkah party towards the last night so that we can light all the candles and celebrate together.  Absolute must-haves for Hanukkah are Potato Latkes; it takes my mom and step-dad practically an entire day to make them and I can pretty much eat everything they make in 1 sitting.  They only make them once a year and they are eagerly awaited 11 months of the year.  Also making an appearance at Hanukkah is the ever so popular Matzo Ball Soup and Jelly Doughnuts.  Delish.  Another tradition is my mom always gives out gold chocolate coins to all the kids at the party.”

“Christmas Eve was one of my favourite traditions of all.  My brother and I would sleep over at my Dad’s tiny bachelor suite apartment and gorge on “make your own” pizzas and mandarin oranges.  We would then stay up all night playing poker for pennies and watching Christmas movies on TV.”

A big thanks to Nicole for sharing her traditions with us. Hanukkah begins on the Tuesday the 16th!

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