It’s all about Flow!  (Part 3)

Layout and furniture placement is so important when living in or preparing a home for the market.  Whether you are staging your home yourself or we are doing it for you, creating flow between rooms, ensuring spaciousness and making sure each area is well lit are keys to success. 

            As living rooms are a major focus in most homes it is important to make sure the layout is open and welcoming to visitors.  Place furniture so that you can walk directly into the space, sofas should not have their back to an entry or a door as this makes a room feel smaller.   Try putting your sofa underneath a window or backed up to a wall where it is open to the room.  This option allows additional chairs to be added to a space and left open to dining spaces or entryways.  It also creates flow amongst rooms in an open concept home.

            Ensuring spaciousness is key when showing your home for sale (but equally as important when you are living in a space).  Over-crowding a room with furniture makes it feel small and unwelcoming.  The goal of staging is to bring attention to focal points and show off just how much space is available.  Remove excess furniture, small tables, cabinets or bookshelves as well as excess items of décor as a more minimalist look allows others to visualize themselves in this new home. 

            Once you have removed all excess furniture and décor, pay close attention to your lighting.  A well lit room, whether ambient, task or accent lighting, creates warmth and can also draw attention to focal areas.  A trick of the trade is forming a triangle with your lighting.  Corners should be lit casting light around an entire room.  If overhead lighting is not available, flank a sofa with table lamps and place a floor lamp in a third spot to create your triangle.  Dark corners, away from windows, should always be lit as these dark corners will be noticed. 

            With these three tips, creating the open space you always wanted, one that is comfortable, welcoming and inviting, will be simple.   Choosing to stay or sell may be the hardest decision when you finally have the space you always dreamed of!