Preparing to sell your home and/or stage it for re-sale is a daunting task.  De-cluttering and disposing of unnecessary items requires us to dedicate time we may not have to a task we typically loath.  However, removing items prior to sale lowers the amount you need to deal with on the other end when you are finally moving into and settling down in your new home.  At Flow Home Staging we want to make preparing to sell easier and your move smoother.

As a general rule for moving, we encourage homeowners to start by removing clutter from floors as this is the first thing potential buyers will notice.  This includes finding a home for stray shoes and toys, recycling old magazines and papers, putting bags and boxes away or into storage and putting pet paraphernalia into bins, much like we would with children’s toys.  It is also wise to remove any additional unnecessary furniture such as small tables, cabinets or chairs in order to keep pathways open and doors and windows accessible.  When selling your home, less is often more and making every room look as large as possible is key!

Pay close attention to the main areas of focus in your home such as the living or family room and master bedroom.  These areas are a huge draw for potential buyers so you want to showcase them as beautifully as possible; de-cluttered, clean and clear and comfortable!  Use clean linens in the bedrooms, make sure they are well lit and beds are all made.  Also keep bathrooms and kitchens clutter free.  Counters should be clear and cupboards tidy as buyers will look to see what they are getting.  Both spaces show best with minimal items visible, if any, fresh linens in bathrooms and fresh flowers on a kitchen island or table.

Finally, prior to giving your home a deep clean, or hiring a company to do that for you, we suggest that you depersonalize your space.  Personal photos or accolades cause buyers to question who you are rather than picture themselves in this new space.  Remember that you are showcasing your home as a product, as you scrutinize the properties you are looking to buy, the same is being done to your home!