Unlike wallpaper, fabric has never gone out of style, it has merely changed and transformed as time has passed.  Although we have moved away from it slightly, leaning towards leather as a status symbol in design, in the past few years there has been a movement back to fabrics and textiles to play a major role in home furnishings.

In an increasingly fast paced world where we spend hours a day in an office, we all seem to crave a home that is welcoming and inviting; a place to put our feet up and enjoy the simple things.  This feeling is often created with the fabrics we choose.  Of course, accessories and wall colour play a large part as well but it is the things we can touch and feel that add dimension to a space.

Today, we see an abundance of pattern in our fabrics and textiles.  We can place art on our floors; appealing to the eye, soft underfoot.  It is our sofa in a velvety fabric that encourages us to curl up and settle in for the night or an upholstered headboard that provides a sense of luxury and romance.

Fabrics are becoming an outlet for our personality, in furniture, accessories, on the floor or as window treatments; they speak to who we are and what interests us as individuals.  Any designer knows that the use of various textiles and fabrics can create warmth, calm, wit or excitement by layering colours and textures, mixing materials and building a strong foundation for people to enjoy.