From all of us here at Flow, we genuinely hope that you had a wonderful holiday break! Whether your winter has been full of parties and get-togethers, or spent quietly relaxing at home, we hope you enjoyed every second. With just over a week gone in January already, this is a great time to really think about those resolutions we all make and decide what changes we’re really committed to over the next 12 months.

With that spirit in mind, Flow’s owner Isabelle Guay wanted to share a message with you all about her own goals for 2017.

Happy New Year everyone!

What an opportunity we have every year to be able to set new goals and change things in our lives. That reset for me means more than just setting goals, it also is about re-evaluating values, purpose, and mindset shift. What is important for me right now and how can I be better at it?

This year, among goals set for my family and my health I really felt the urge to become more of a minimalist. If you know me a little or if you’ve been to my house before you would know that I like it tidy and have minimal stuff (showing anyway!).  But coming back from Christmas with my family in Montreal with several suitcases filled with gifts, I realized that I didn’t have room to put all that stuff. So there it was, time to get rid of things…again!

Even though I thought I was pretty good I’m actually feeling a bit overwhelmed with some areas that I need to work on.  First my paperwork, my daughter’s clothes and toys, our tools, and just random things we never use.  Why do we hang out to things so much? Maybe it makes us feel good, we are too busy, can’t say no to things…what ever the reason is, we really don’t need much to live, and be happy. And it’s actually VERY satisfying to get rid of unwanted stuff.

So, in my effort to stick to living a minimalist life I need to start working on decluttering again.  Who wants to join me?  I am dedicated and even willing to share my progress (no pressure!). Join me and share your progress too as we would gladly feature before and after photos on our Facebook page.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • give yourself 3 to 6 months to go through everything…but set a timeline!
  • categorize your items starting from the easy ones like papers and books and finish with more sentimental ones
  • keep only the items that bring you joy
  • roll your sleeves up and embrace the process!

Click here for more information and to take our Simpler Living Quiz.

I look forward to living with less in 2017! #thepowerofless

Isabelle Guay

Owner, Flow Smart Living