In the past 20 years, home improvement and renovation has exploded through mainstream media. Programs on HGTV and DIY Network, myriad magazines, websites such as Houzz and Pinterest all inundate us with fabulous ideas of how we could transform our current house into our dream home.

But can 30 to 60 minutes ever really show you what it takes to complete a full kitchen renovation? Moving plumbing? Taking down a wall? What needs to be ordered first, and when will it all arrive? What needs to be completed first, tiling a fireplace or installing a hardwood floor? How can the exterior of my home reflect the changes I’m making inside? Where do I go to find those finishing touches that express my own style and make this my personal space rather than just another show home?

This is where an interior designer is your very best ally. An interior designer is there to bridge that gap between the technical and creative process of renovating a home. Working with a designer frees up your contractor’s time to get the work done, while you explore decorative options and get the guidance you need to make savvy design decisions from your designer. A designer is there to make sure your ideas are clearly understood by the tradespeople on your project, by providing technical drawings for them to work from. This takes the guess work out of what is meant to go where, and how, and ensures that what you’ve decided on is what’s being built in the end. 

Yes, a designer is excellent at picking paint colours, upholstery and décor accessories; but a designer also looks at the fine details of your project. A designer helps both home owner and contractor, by attending to the schedule required to finish each stage of the project, evaluating the budget as materials are purchased, and checking in not only on work completed, but also on any purchases that are back-ordered, special ordered, or otherwise en route.

Your designer wants your home to be as beautiful as possible, yes; but at the core, working with a designer ensures that a project runs more smoothly, and that everything is done correctly.

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