Recently, here at Flow Home Staging and Design, we decided to focus on designing for the arrival of a new baby.  As we are now into summer, the number of Vancouverites ready to welcome a newborn into their lives seems overwhelming.  When designing for baby, whether we know the sex of the child or not, we all want to create a space that will soothe and stimulate our new additions.  As ideas and inspiration can be hard to come by and are often found while flipping through magazines or wandering the aisles of whichever baby store has the latest fashionable baby goods, we want to help you find the perfect inspiration for your little ones new space.

As we head into July we suggest Pinterest; an online pinboard community.

The idea of creating idea boards for inspiration is not a new one.  We often write out our goals, post photos of places we want to visit and layout activities we want to take part in.  Pinterest allows you to do all of these things and more all in one place while simultaneously sharing with others.   This site allows you to see what inspires the online community instead of searching the internet for hours trying to find that one thing that jumps out at you.  When you find an idea that inspires you, re-pin it to your own baby room ideas and come back to it when you are ready to design and decorate.  You can also pin ideas directly from websites so that they are also there to come back to at a later date.

As a starting point for design, this really is an innovative way of compiling ideas and coming up with the best solution for you.  As baby approaches, and while you still can, take the time to create your online pinboard and start pinning for baby!