The medical needs of children are so vastly different from those of adults; it is crucial that specialized equipment and care is provided to these precious little lives. Flow Smart Living + Interiors has been donating to the BC Children’s Hospital for over 10 years. As a mom to a young child, our founder, Isabelle, is passionate about giving to this wonderful foundation so that it may continue to nurture and support ailing children and their families.

Big Sisters is committed to enhancing the confidence, self-esteem and well-being of female, transgender, and non-binary youth through supportive relationships with mentors. Flow Smart Living + Interiors is proud to have supported the Big Sisters Luminary Awards two years in a row with a gift in-kind sponsorship, where we provided furniture for their event.


Mom 2 Mom is a community-based organization focused on improving developmental outcomes for children living in Vancouver’s inner city. Our partnership with Mom 2 Mom has been extremely rewarding over the last couple of years. Not only we are able to help mothers in our community with providing them some furniture but we are meeting extraordinary people. Mom 2 Mom is a wonderful non-profit organization and we are very proud to be part of their team.

VanFire Charities is how firefighters help people when they’re not at the firehall. Firefighters raise funds, then build programs to help in-need people directly. This year, we partnered with VanFire Charities for the first time, supporting their Snacks for Kids Program. Snacks for Kids operates in 40 schools and after-school programs, provide daily nutritional support to roughly 1,600 vulnerable kids in Vancouver Schools. We look forward to helping VanFire Charities nourish students for learning.


Music Heals is a not-for-profit society that brings music enthusiasts and music lovers together to help raise awareness of the healing powers of music. They work to increase access to music therapy for patients in children’s hospitals, senior’s centres, palliative care, AIDS & HIV programs, at-risk youth, habilitation, and bereavement support.