Choosing to hire an interior designer to take your ideas and paint a cohesive picture for you is, ultimately, an investment with long-term returns. During the interior design process, our team works with you to determine the direction of your project and create a plan that is individualized to your specific needs.

One of the most important tools during the interior design process are mood boards. These are compositions that the designer creates to present concepts to the client. A mood board helps them to visualize an specific concept, but also understand the overall design process.

Our designers create different layouts on these mood boards, using their ideas and recommendations. In this way, the client can see how different elements will look together. This will help to make the interior design process smoother and more enjoyable for the client.

These are a few samples of the mood boards that our team put together for one of our most recent interior design projects.

Artwork Mood Board – Presentation 1

Artwork Mood Board – Presentation 2

Artwork Mood Board – Presentation 3

Benefits of using mood boards

Establish the basics – Mood boards help to establish all of the baselines that will eventually compose the final result: color palettes, layouts, finishes… They are a great tool to make these clear and help the interior design process run smoothly.

Conversations are easier – Mood boards make communication with clients easier and reduce wasted design time. If designer and client are on the same page and have a clear idea of the direction, the process will be much easier and enjoyable for both.

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