Continuing with trends for 2013, interior designers will be looking to incorporate a less formal look for interior spaces.  As we mentioned previously, texture, pattern and repetition should all be trending in 2013.  Keeping things light and fun, the world of design will also see a more lively take on art, furniture and general aesthetic.

Watch out for the re-emergence of brass as a choice metal.  Using brass minimally, as in accessories or frames, will add a bit of spice to your space without taking you back in time.  Try contrasting it with deep blues and warm woods for a classically elegant look.

If brass is too risky, look to yellow to be the breakout colour of the year.  Expected to have “staying power,” interior designers will not be afraid to test this colour on walls, in statement pieces of furniture or as vibrant accessories.  Especially in Vancouver, yellow will be a bright spot in our grey days!

As we mentioned earlier, design should be fun and lively.  Incorporate pieces that make you smile; group them with simple shapes or have them stand alone.  “Take materials out of context and use them in a new way. Handmade and spontaneous will bring more fun and whimsy to interiors” (

It is also expected that there will be a blending of old and new as we move forward into the new year.  A greater interest in classic furniture will see a contemporary twist added for a more modern look.  As 2013 gets under way, interior designers will be testing these new trends and changing the direction of design ever so slightly.  It looks as though this will be a fun year!