Well, Isabelle’s home is about to enter the demolition stage!

Elm wood cabinets are on order for the kitchen and Isabelle is going back to Margranite to select the slab of “Glacial Waters” she likes best. Did you know that you can choose between slabs at the showroom before your fabricator picks it up for you? Man-made products are relatively uniform in pattern and colour, but when it comes to natural stone the variation can be extreme. No two slabs are alike! So it’s a good idea to choose the one you want.

It’s also important to consider what type of stone to use in your home. Marble and soapstone are absolutely beautiful, but they’re much softer than granite or natural quartz and require more care and maintenance. Food such as tomatoes and lemons can etch the surface of natural stones, so it’s important to use proper cutting boards when preparing a meal or snack. It’s also important to make sure no puddles are left sitting on the surface of the stone! Water can actually be very bad for stone, as it is still a porous material and any area that isn’t fully seal will absorb the moisture and cause issues down the line.

It may sound like stone takes a lot of upkeep, but it’s not that bad! There are many everyday cleaning products on the market that are specifically made for stone, in order to help keep it looking its best, not to mention stain and moisture resistant. Method, Simple Green and Seventh Generation are examples of eco-friendly cleaning products that carry stone-specific sprays which are less abrasive and ideal for everyday cleaning.

If you have any questions about natural stone countertops, or if you’re undertaking a kitchen reno of your own, we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to connect with the Flow Team on social media.