When interior designer Nicole Varga met homeowners Jim and Cathy for the first time, she knew she had a big job on her hands.   Not only would this project allow her to flow creatively, she would also be able to provide them with all the necessary changes they wanted for a contemporary update!

After an oven fire damaged their kitchen, Jim and Cathy decided to pursue a full main floor renovation.  Knowing the kitchen was not the only room they wanted to give a fresh look to, they took advantage of their misfortune and sought a creative young professional to transform their home.

As form and function go, these homeowners wanted an open concept living and dining area that was more conducive to the lifestyle they were living.  After narrowing down the options and choosing the design that best suited their needs, demolition started and the transformation began.

Creating entry storage was the first obstacle Nicole chose to tackle.  Scaling back the entry wall and pushing it out allowed her to design a built in bench storage, as well as provide open hooks above for quick access to coats.  Helping elongate the entryway, she also knocked out a portion of the stairwell, allowing light to flow through the living room and kitchen while providing an airy transition space.

Although the kitchen was the main design update, the goal was really to provide Jim and Cathy with a functional, open floor plan.   In order to do this, Nicole had two walls (defining kitchen, dining and living) removed.  Contrasting a charcoal island with creamy cupboards and a marble backsplash in the kitchen, Nicole was able to give the space warmth while providing a unique freshness that was missing before.  The eat up island was a hit, not only as a functional work space, but also providing a beautiful cook top that was open to the rest of the home.

With all rooms open to one another, Jim and Cathy wanted to remove the need for excess furniture in order to give them the contemporary, uncluttered space they desired.  With her clients in mind, Nicole designed a buffet with wine fridge and storage recessed into the wall underneath the stairwell.  Adding visual interest in the dining room sparked the homeowners to move forward with a similar installation in the living room.  Together, they chose to build out the fireplace and add an open-faced bookshelf for storage and display.

Completing the look involved picking the right furniture and artwork to compliment their new contemporary space.  The finishing touches came in the form of original artwork by Deb Chaney.  Two pieces adorned the walls, one in the living and one in the dining room, picking up the colour of the accessories and bringing each space to life.  Sometimes it is art, created through passion and inspiration that speaks to the design of a space.

As with any design, the challenge is finding the right pieces to compliment any interior changes.  In this case, it was providing the right design and Nicole went beyond client requests and created the perfect space to cook, entertain and curl up in!