When you are preparing to sell your home, you want to make your sale about the buyer.   It is important to view your property as if you have already sold it in order to remove any emotional attachment.  This will allow you to see and understand the necessary changes that need to occur in order to facilitate a sale.

A home that is move-in ready does not require many fixes, at least not cosmetic ones.  The following list is of fixes to consider that will have your home in perfect shape for immediate livability:

?        Patch holes in walls and touch up paint; if required, apply fresh paint to walls to brighten up a space

?        If your space is decorated in vibrant colours, consider painting all walls a neutral colour; do not draw attention to spaces that not everyone will love

?        Fix any leaky faucets and make sure all outlets are working

?        Replace all burnt out light bulbs; make sure your space is bright

?        Fix any cabinet doors that don’t close correctly and drawers that jam.  Fix or replace handles that may be loose or broken

Having your home move-in ready is not just about making the interior immediately livable for next owner.  Attention should also be paid to the exterior of the home.  Curb appeal is part of making your home move-in ready so, take some extra time to wash your windows inside and out, pressure wash decks and sidewalks on your property, and, if the season permits, present a nicely manicured garden.

With all of the essentials taken care of, your home will sparkle and will be sure to attract a number of interested buyers!