“New year, new me!” This is a regular saying heard in our social circles in early January. But now – yikes! – we’re heading into February already. How do we keep that momentum going? How do we convince ourselves to continue with making personal changes, when the “real world” is creeping in and our everyday routine takes over after the holiday break? It can be an overwhelming time for many of us, and it’s often easiest to put aside our resolutions and fall back into old habits.

So how do we fight this?

The key to change is in our mindset. Our approach. And although this can be the most difficult change of all, once it is made, anything is possible. This is the goal of our Simpler Living program: to change the way you relate to your belongings, in order to make it easier to change the way you address the clutter in your home.

Here at Flow we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing professional organizers, especially when helping clients prepare for staging. The Simpler Living program does aid in sorting out your “stuff”, but there is a deeper mechanic at work. Drawing from the KonMari technique, we challenge you to truly ask yourself: what makes you happy? What “sparks joy” when you hold it, what makes you smile when you walk past and catch a glimpse? When you begin to understand yourself in this way, it makes it infinitely easier to let go of the “stuff” you own that isn’t enriching your living environment or – in turn – your life.

With February only two days away, we ask you: will you make a new month’s resolution? Will you join us in the joy of letting go, in the power of less? Visit our Simpler Living page and take our questionnaire today to begin your decluttering journey!