With summer already here (or it is?) and the number of new born babies in the city on the rise, we wanted to pass along some information on decorating for a new arrival, places to shop and fun accessories to liven up your new additions room.

Recently we came across this great online shopping store for all things kids!  A Canadian company located here in Vancouver, they aim to bring the best products they can find from around the world to you, the consumer.  With a tagline of “fresh, healthy and fun,” the products they choose must meet these criteria in order to “make the cut.”

Catering to moms on the go, you can shop from the comfort of your home with confidence in the product you are purchasing.

As Sue Sinclair, owner and operator of Raspberry Kids says, “we are pleased to feature many products that are made in Canada, the USA and Australia, several items that are made by a Mom (and) for a Mom as well as many award winning products and products that are environmentally friendly and/or socially responsible.”

We suggest you check them out and see what treasures you can find for your new arrival!  http://www.raspberrykids.com/