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Isabelle’s Design Odyssey, part 4

Thanks to everyone who's been following along with Isabelle's renovation plans on her new home! As of today the sale of the property was finalized and Isabelle took possession. It's exciting! It make everything feel so much more real for the design of the new kitchen....

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Isabelle’s Design Odyssey, part 3

So! If you've been following along, you'll know that each week we're showcasing a new development in the renovations that Flow owner Isabelle Guay is undertaking in her brand new home. The property is a gorgeous turn of the century house, so Isabelle is taking steps...

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Isabelle’s Design Odyssey, part 2!

Things are really rolling along for Isabelle and her new home! Flow interior designer Nicole has been helping Isabelle draft up plans for her new kitchen, and they're looking great! All the extra  Now Isabelle is turning to scheduling the timeline for the renovation,...

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