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You only need 3 days to sell your home!

Yes, only 3 days. That is all you need! We are so thrilled to share this home staging success story with you today! This splendid unit is conveniently based in the Collingwood neighbourood. This is just a few minutes away from the always lively Metrotown...

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Meet our new space!

We are thrilled to show you our new office and Interior Design studio!   Same location, but with a new look! Before, our work space was divided in two different areas. The office, were our design team and admin staff worked every day. Then, the Design...

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How to style your coffee table

We love coffee table styling! It is one of our favorite parts when we stage an empty property. Coffee tables are an important part of a living room. We could say that it is a bit of an art! When styling your coffee table, it is important that they look...

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