Rugs are the perfect way to add color and texture to any space at home. But sometimes, choosing the right rug for our space can get a bit tricky. We need to consider not only style, colors or materials, but also think of how are we going to place it. In this post, we are going to talk about a few things you need to keep in mind when buying a rug. And we also bring you some rug placement ideas to help you get inspired!


Before buying a new area rug

Find the perfect size – In order to create a balanced space, your rug should be the element that connects and ties everything together in the room. To find the right rug, consider both the size of your space and the furniture. An undersized rug will make the room look smaller. Choosing the largest possible size that fits will help you to unify and define your space. On the other hand, using painting tape to mock the rug placement before buying it will help you to visualize the final result.

What about the design? – Not feeling like following the latest trends? If you are in doubt of what color or style will fit better with your preexisting decor, it’s better to go for a neutral and timeless color. Warm-off white, light grey, cream or linen are just a few samples. Flatweave or braided are some of the most used textures.

Rug placement ideas


If you opt for a smaller rug (5 x 8 feet), you can keep all legs of the furniture off and positioned around the outer edges of the rug. For bigger rugs, keeping front legs on the inner edges of the rug will help you to connect the furniture and give a perfect sense of proportion to the entire space.

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Place your rug perpendicular under the bottom two-thirds of your bed. This is the most common rug placements, with enough of the rug reaching out on the sides and in front to place your feet comfortably when getting out of bed or sitting at the foot.

If you room is bigger enough, you can also place the rug under the bottom one-third of the bed and place two occasional chairs facing the foot side of your bed.

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