We’re passionate about our newest service, Flow’s Simpler Living program!

Inspired by the internationally best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo – as well as such lifestyle blogs as BecomingMinimalist.com and Miss Minimalist – this program aims to change the way we relate to our possessions. Through the Joy of Letting Go, analyzing what belongings in our homes truly make us happy versus what is mere clutter and static, we hope to help our clients create purely joyful, relaxing, peaceful homes and offices.

Flow Team member Shona recently worked through the program with client Angie, who was kind enough to pass along this testimonial!

After the unceremonious end of a very long-term relationship, I found myself with 10+ years worth of “stuff” to sift through and organize in my new, now much smaller, home. I felt completely overwhelmed and paralyzed at the thought of even starting the daunting task before me, and as a result, my condo looked an awful lot like a storage unit, which was further sapping my mental health.

I engaged Shona to help with decluttering and organizing, after being impressed with her home staging abilities. She was able to impart a systematic, pragmatic approach to tackling this undertaking in manageable, bite-sized chunks, which helped tremendously to break my “mental log jam.” She was also extremely patient and understanding with inevitable personal setbacks, and even sat with me while I went through some of the more “emotional landmine laden” parts, and supported me as a friend!

I’m still working through putting her excellent advice into practice, but I now have a fantastic road map by which to get there, and have acquired life-long skills which will help prevent the accumulation of further clutter in the future.

Thank you SO much!

Angie B

Coquitlam, BC

Thank you, Angie, for your kind words: we’re excited about the progress you’ve made and look forward to updates as you work through the program!

For information on our Simpler Living program and how the Flow Team can help you experience the Joy of Letting Go, get in touch today! Call us at 604-674-8884 or email hello@flowsmartliving.com.