When selling your property, home staging can make a big difference in order to sell it faster and maximize the profit.

This is the case of these two townhouses, recently sold on East Vancouver. We couldn’t be more thrilled for Patrick Weeks and these incredible statistics!

NAVA is a residencial detached located in the popular neighbourhood of Kensington-Cedar Cottage. It featured a total of 8 detached single family homes and half-duplex. Six of them sold in within 3 months.

For the 2 remaining townhouses, Patrick decided to use professional home staging services. Our staging team completed an excellent work, creating layouts that helped to visualize the spaces in the house and their potential. This made it easier for buyers to understand the distribution and to know what they can do on this space. Results didn’t take long to come! Both townhouses were sold 3 weeks after staging.

These success stories help to underline how important staging is, especially in the current real estate market in Vancouver. Hiring a staging professional for a consultation to help you plan the best way to set up your home for listing is extremely helpful. And we have a staging solution for any budget!

If you’re considering listing your home and are curious about home staging, feel free to give us a call at (604) 674-8884 or email us at hello@flowsmartliving.com. We’d be happy to answer all your questions!