Another stunning interior design project completed by our talented design team, Nicole Varga and Elisa Fox. This incredible condo design was a very unique and special project for the Flow Team.

This bachelorette unit belongs to our lovely client, a stylish 78-years-old woman. Nicole and Elisa had previously worked for this client’s daughter who hired them to transform the apartment for her mom.


This was a small condo with some particular features. A challenging layout was presented with a long, angled wall, completed with a dining area that was pretty much nonexistent and a complete lack of overhead lighting.

Nicole and Elisa added some molding details to create a feature wall that unites the living and dining areas to the office.

We love the molding on the feature wall and fireplace because It is such a simple and cost-effective way to dress up a wall. This not only created great texture for that otherwise very plain wall but also allowed us to define a centre point for our dining space and bring continuity all the way into the office”.

The problem with the dining area was fixed by using a round dining table that helps to keep a good flow throughout this area and anchored it with a beautiful light fixture and custom over-sized framed mirror.

The mirror was two-fold in creating a visual weight for our new dining center line as well as opening up and reflecting the entire space to make it feel bigger. The beautiful thing about the light fixture is that the wire it hangs on is so thin that it almost appears to be floating over the table.  Aside from providing much needed light it almost acts as an art piece in itself.”

And what about the master bedroom? The main requests for this space was to improve the function by sourcing properly scaled furniture and proper placement, getting a little more bedroom storage, improving the lighting and essentially create a beautiful space for her mother to enjoy and be blown away by.

And here comes one of our favourite details of this project!

The bedroom was covered with a beautiful floral wallpaper that you can stare at it for hours and never get enough of it. It added the perfect sense of femininity and power. We also love how you can see the wallpaper from almost every spot in the house because of where the mirror is placed it picks up the reflection. It definitely set the tone for the entire project!

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