If you follow Flow on social media you may recognize this article, written by author Joshua Becker, that we posted about a while back. The information on the Becoming Minimalist website has really stuck with us, and we’ve all been wondering one thing…

What would it take for YOU to stage your home for everyday life?

Cleaning up or clearing out your home can be an exceptionally daunting task. We all lead busy lives, and making time to pull things out of closets and drawers to rearrange them is often the last thing any of us want to do. But hey! It’s Spring, and with the chirping birds and blooming flowers comes a natural urge to purge! Over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing strategies on how to organize your home with minimal stress, including tips from professional organizer Elinor Warkentin from Goodbye Clutter.

So where to begin your decluttering journey? Well here are three ideas to get you going:

One in, one out: Summer fashions are popping up in stores and it’s understandable to want to begin picking up new items for your wardrobe. Especially with all this gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having in Vancouver! So why not use the one in, one out rule? For every item of clothing, pair of shoes, or accessory you buy to add to your collection, choose something you rarely use to donate to a good cause. You never know, maybe planning to remove one item will lead to a larger purge!

– Counter clutter: no one can escape the bits and bobs of everyday life that end up sitting on the kitchen counter, the coffee table or the dresser. But if certain items end up sitting out all the time, it’s time to stop and think about why they’re out and taking up space. Are these items that have nowhere else to go? In that case, you may want to find a spot for them in a specific drawer or cupboard. Are they items you just don’t use, but don’t know what to do with them? Time to go ahead and make that decision!

– Electronic clean up: how many emails are there in your inbox? A dozen? A hundred? More? It’s not physical clutter of course, but taking the time to go through old correspondence, to delete what’s unnecessary or archive and label what you do still need, is a good exercise for preparing to tackle storage in your home. And it just plain feels good to hit that delete button!

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