Not convinced that staging is a helpful part of selling your home? Don’t think it’s worth the cost? Maybe it’s just a gimmick? Consider this:

Potential home buyers often have a difficult time envisioning what a home would look like for them. Where will they put their “stuff” when they move in? Is there enough space for their heirloom furniture? Is that third bedroom really big enough for their 8-going-on-18 year old child? Where will grandma sleep when she comes over to visit? These are all questions that buyers may be asking themselves as they view your home, wondering how to make it their own.

Having a professional staging done can maximize the wow factor of your property by highlighting the best features of your home and decorating the rooms to attract a diverse number of interested buyers. Staging can help a small home feel bigger, showcase storage areas and inspire space planning ideas. Even a quick consultation with a home staging expert can help you determine the best way to arrange your home to appeal to the largest number of buyers who may pass through for an open house.

Staging can also be exceptionally helpful for a vacant property. Walking into an empty room can be just as daunting for a house hunter as facing a cluttered space full of knick-knacks and personal items! The property pictured above is a perfect example. The Flow Team staged this downtown condo which had previously been empty, and it sold in a record-breaking 4 days!

If you’re a home owner considering selling your property, or if you’re a realtor who would like to find out more about offering staging services to your clientele, get in touch with Flow today! You can also follow our social media pages for tips and ideas on decor and design.

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