So you’re getting your home ready to sell. You’ve had a cleaning company in to get all the spots you missed. You’ve boxed up all your photo albums, souvenirs and knick-knacks and stored them in your best friend’s basement. A gardener came in to make sure your lawn looks great and gave those gutters a good once-over.

Okay… so now what?

Sometimes a property that’s going on the market doesn’t need a full-on staging in order to inch out the competition in the area. Depending on the situation, sometimes existing furniture and accessories just need to be moved around a little to get the most out of the home’s square footage and appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. Having a professional set of eyes and a third-party opinion on your property can go a long way to getting your home sold quickly.

Whether you’re a home owner working with a realtor, or a realtor who’d like to recommend home staging to your clientele, give the Flow Team a call! We’re here to help make the home selling process easier. Contact us today at 778-835-0001.

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