Every season of every year, trends in décor and fashion shift slightly.  Whether it be a new colour, a shiny new metal, or a printed fabric, it is hard to stay current when things are constantly changing.  However, moving with the seasons does not require a complete overhaul but merely a few minor changes to continue going in the same direction as the rest of the world.

In order to “stay current” with your décor, it is important to have good basic pieces.  Like fashion, the basics never go out of style, it is just how you pair them that shifts the look and changes perceptions.

If you are starting from scratch, choose a neutral sofa (or upholstered piece depending on the room) that will stand the test of time; anything too crazy will not have staying power.   To accompany larger pieces, choose solid accessory tables that do not draw attention to themselves but add to the functionality and overall personality of a space.  Define the room with cololur; art, light, accessories, cushions, floral etc.

As seasons change, so, too, can the look of your space by manipulating what you currently own.  Try changing pillow covers, interchanging throw blankets for brighter colours, even switching out calm pieces of art for more vibrant and exciting ones in the summer months.  By switching out bits and pieces and updating small amounts periodically, you are sure to stay current as trends change and seasons drift one another.