Our favorite season is finally here! Sunshine, longer days, bright colors… This is the perfect time (or excuse!) to update and incorporate the latest summer decorating trends to your home. A few accessories here and there or a completely new and stunning outdoor dining set will make a huge difference in order to prepare your house for the warmest season.

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Read all about our favorite summer decorating trends!

#1 – Macrame is back!

YES! This bohemian-style has been popular for quite some time now. Macrame is the perfect summer decorating trend to add nice texture and naturalness to any space. Plus handmade items always bring a cozy feel to your home. You can give a fresh touch to your bedroom or living room by adding macrame and woven wall hangings. You can also create a small composition and combine it with framed art.

#2 – Add some outdoor layers

The easiest way to bring colors and textures to your patio or backyard! To rock this summer decorating trend, you can use neutral tones for your outdoor seating and cushions, and be more creative when choosing your outdoors rug. Mosaic patterns, lines, colors… which one is your favourite?

#3 – Tropical prints are a must!

Give your house a fresh new feeling for the summer! A follow-up from last year, this summer decorating trend is still going strong. You can use leafy green plants to decorate your living room, or decorative pillows in splashy green garden prints. Leaf art prints, oversized bugs, exotic birds… mix them with natural elements for a calming, comfortable feel. Or combine them with gold and brass for a touch of luxury.

#4 – Artisan textures

Texture is a huge trend this season! Materials such rattan, straw and wicker will be your perfect allies to add a natural handmade feel to your home. So much can be achieved by simply playing with textures and materials. Don’t underestimate the power of embracing and combining different textures!

Which one is your favorite summer decorating trend?


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