As many of you know, Flow is a proud partner to Mom2Mom, a Vancouver charitable organization supporting and helping families living in poverty. Please take a moment to read this email sent to us by Mom2Mom’s executive director, Melinda Markey, and considering giving a monetary donation to this fantastic charity. The Flow Team is also accepting donations of gently used furniture to help these families feel comfortable in a welcoming environment when they get home after a long day.

Dear Friends and Mom2Mom Supporters,

At Mom2Mom, we support mothers to believe that anything is possible – for them and for their kids. Over the past year we have doubled in size, with 86 individuals benefitting from caring connections with volunteer moms! Through generous support from inspired community members we were able to implement the M2M Cooks! program, fund over 350 local grocery trips, secure scholarships and support workforce participation for moms, offset the cost of arts, culture and sports programming for kids in the community, connect families to basic needs services – and perhaps most important – offer unconditional friendship and connection throughout the year and into the holiday season.

For many families in BC, a “happy holiday” is merely a dream. The realities of poverty make it difficult for families to find enough food, to have the means to participate in local activities and to engage with friends, family or community. Last month, First Call released a report stating that 1 in 5 children in BC are living in poverty – that’s 167,810 poor children, enough to fill Disneyland four times. This number has not changed for over 19 years! Child poverty in BC includes all family types, but it’s worse for children of single parents: 1 in every 2 BC children of single parents live in poverty – as a result, many children do not have secure food or housing.

Circumstances like these make it hard for moms like Emily, a teenager herself, to meet basic needs and create opportunities for her little one. While trying to complete high school, she has little time free to find resources in the community, to save money for Christmas or to connect with other moms. Thanks to Emily’s relationship with Mom2Mom volunteers and to generous support from the community, we were recently able to give her family a holiday hamper that fulfilled Emily’s wish for Christmas – to be able to provide for her child, reduce stress and create a hope and joy-filled home environment.

“Mom2Mom has been a continuous and much appreciated support for me. Being a teenager in school with a 14-month-old daughter leaves little time and opportunity to save money for Christmas. My little bookworm has been reading all day thanks to all the great books she received from Mom2Mom. She also received new warm clothing for winter and a pair of running shoes and was so proud to be walking around in them, pointing to her feet and shrieking, she didn’t want to take them off. There’s a great joy in seeing my child walk around with pride, in seeing her excitement over new books… My mind is at peace and I am completely over-joyed with the acts of selflessness that knocked on my door earlier today.”

With the holiday season in full swing, many of us are hustling around trying to ensure we check everyone off our holiday list. Why not consider a gift to a Mom2Mom family? Our monthly giving option will provide a family like Emily’s with the certainty that some of their basic needs will be met each month and that they will not be alone in their struggle to nurture their children.

Your contribution today will help moms like Emily in the following ways:

GIVE $20 A MONTH = GIVE COMFORT: Your donation will support two families to supplement their monthly groceries, offering moms more choices for healthy, enjoyable food that will ensure their kids are well-fed and ready to learn.

GIVE $90 A MONTH = GIVE MOBILITY & ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITY: Your donation will fund a monthly bus pass. This transportation will allow a woman to get to and from a semester of school, arrive at a practicum placement, attend appointments – a ride that can mean the world when choosing between public transportation and a meal.

GIVE $150 A MONTH = GIVE TRANSFORMATION: Your donation will connect a family with two caring volunteer mentors who will offer one-to-one support to end isolation and help women cope with the practical and emotional challenges of poverty.

Even if you are not able to commit to making a monthly donation, a one-time gift to Mom2Mom families will still significantly enrich their lives in 2016.


Thank you for being a part of the Mom2Mom community, thank you for being the village.

Wishing you peace and connection,

Melinda + The M2M Crew

For more information about Mom2Mom, visit their website today! And if you would like to donate furniture to this incredible organization, please contact the Flow Team.