So. You’ve committed yourself to this journey of decluttering, to free yourself of unwanted and unneeded “stuff” in your home, and make it a true haven in which to relax and unwind. But you’ve also committed yourself to yoga, 2 nights a week. The kids have dance class. The dog needs to be walked. Don’t forget there’s work 9-5 every day, you’ve got to book in with the dentist soon and oh, Joel and Sheila are having that thing on Sunday…

We all have increasingly busy lives, and often times self-care is the first thing to be sacrificed in order to fit everything else in. And we do believe that decluttering and clearing your home to make way for positive change is certainly an act of self-care. So what can you do if life feels too chaotic to begin the decluttering journey?

Firstly, set aside some time to make a game plan. Write out your categories and break them down further into subcategories; that way if you’ve only got a quick half hour to tackle something, you can address a smaller subcategory. If you have an over-abundance of books, or are very emotionally attached to your shoe collection, these are the areas to leave alone until you have a good chunk of time to address them. Old socks and take-out menus, though? Those are subcategories you can easily power through and feel good about purging.

The next step is to set a timely goal. Don’t call it a deadline! The word “deadline” is inherently stressful, and using positive wording and internal dialogue throughout this process is the best tool to keep you on track and moving forward. Set a goal and work steadily towards achieving it. If the next 4 weeks are very busy, allow yourself an additional 2 weeks to complete your goal. You’re doing this for yourself first and foremost, so there’s no need to rush or set an unattainable schedule.

It may seem overly simple, but that’s exactly the point; make this process as smooth and easy for yourself as you can, and you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Choose a category to work on, set a goal of when to complete it, break your category down into smaller subcategories and book some time to tackle each. Keep it simple, but most of all, keep it positive!

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