Here at the Flow office we’re really excited to be researching what’s hot for 2015, looking into the newest looks out on the design market. Here are a few styles we absolutely love from our friends over at Mobital in Surrey.


Wood has been a beloved material for centuries, and is constantly being reimagined for flooring, furnishings and cabinetry. This year we’re seeing a move towards lighter colours with low gloss, getting away from the heavy, shiny “espresso” tones and painted looks that have dominated as of late, especially in kitchen design. Motibal’s “Solido” bedroom strikes a gorgeous balance between the sleek minimalist shapes of the furniture itself, and the rustic, rough, natural grain showing in the wood. There’s a masculine touch to these pieces, but they are by no means bulky or overdone.


Mid-century modern is making a comeback, both in the shapes and forms we’re seeing on the market for 2015, and the pop-art colours available. We’re not going to call it a revival, but it’s getting there! Familiar “retro” shapes are being redesigned with a contemporary twist, as seen in the Brax armchair. This stackable design – with it’s cool white, electric blue or soft grey colour options – would be great for a funky restaurant, or paired with an elegant glass dining table at home.


If you’re going to invest in a piece of art, why not purchase something with a day to day purpose? These bold, funky, outrageous clocks are a unique way to dress a room. Oddly shaped mirrors have been trendy for the past couple of years, but we absolutely love these stylish time-keepers.


In the same vein as the useful but wild “clocks-turned-art”, over the top lighting is a big hit for 2015. Coloured glass doesn’t necessarily work with every space, but these chandeliers are too fun to ignore! These neo-Gothic beauties would be a fun addition to a quirky powder room, or even as an accent in a child’s bedroom. The possibilities with these colours really are endless.

Check out the Mobital website for more information on these items, or call their Surrey showroom at 604-501-2112.

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