Until recently, wallpaper had largely disappeared from the design world.  It was difficult to install and remove, often consisted of floral prints reminiscent of your grandparents’ kitchen and was becoming increasingly tacky.  However, that was then.  In the past few years, wallpaper has emerged once again and has taken the design world by storm.

Today, wallpaper offers you everything from texture to pattern and colour.  It can be bold and lively, it can be soft and whimsical and it can change a space from boring and simple to lively and inviting.  The resurgence of this trend is due, in part, to the simplicity we seek in furniture in today’s design; clean lines, solid colour, timelessness.

Wallpaper has become an important part of design today and should be looked at and sought after by all homeowners looking for a simple change in any space.  Take a chance, look outside the box and enter a world of unlimited possibilities; wallpaper is here to stay as an ever evolving design trend suitable for every space in your home!