As we have said a number of times before, selling your home is not an easy task.  However, when choosing to move on, it is important to remember what it was that drew you to your home in the first place; the things that attracted you will likely attract new buyers!

Once you have evaluated your space, pay attention to the following aspects of your home in order to draw attention to them and have others see them sparkle.

–       Draw attention to focal points

  • Fireplaces
  • Windows
  • Large entry ways
  • Views
  • The yard


–       Pay attention to big windows and views if you have them.  Keep them clear so that views to the outside act as a natural art-scape


–       Pay attention to the cleanliness of your space.  Even though you will be leaving this home, potential buyers are not interested in “project” spaces that are dirty and unpleasant

If you are concerned that your home will not be on par with other homes for sale in your neighborhood, consider having your space staged.  If you are unable to draw attention to the most beautiful parts of your home, a staging company can come in and make your home shine.