The Importance of Depersonalizing Your Space

As a home staging company that frequently works with realtors trying to sell homes in a competitive market, we know a thing or two about getting your space ready to show.  Although there are a few keys to focus on, all of which we will touch on over the next few weeks, one of the most important points is depersonalizing your space!

When potential buyers are searching for their next home, they want to be able to picture themselves in a space; they want to plan their future visually before putting any money down.  A neutral home allows all “shoppers” to see past who currently lives there and see the potential.

Although your home may be beautiful, personalized spaces are distracting.  Shoppers are no longer planning ahead, they are now curious about who owns the home at present; what their jobs are, how many kids they have, how they use the space.  It is not about removing all sense of who you are but rather encouraging people to see past you.

Depersonalizing your space can be quite simple.  Remove family photos, certificates and degrees barring your name.  It is also important to remember that not everybody will have the same taste as you.  Knickknacks collected while travelling the world, artwork from trips that you have taken, sculptural pieces that are relevant to you; these things should be removed to create an open palette, again, neutralizing your home, making it appealing to everybody who walks through the doors.