Why Wait?!?

When we begin to consider moving homes, our first thought is often where to go.  We peruse listings, drive through possible neighbourhoods in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and walk through open houses looking for our next home.  However, when searching for the perfect place to move to, we often forget about the work that goes into selling our current spaces.  Beyond just packing our personal belongings, we also purge a number of pieces that we no longer find use for, thus creating more work for ourselves during the moving process than need be.  We suggest, rather than waiting until a new property has been purchased and your move initiated, that you begin purging now which is part of the home staging process.  An early spring cleaning will not only de-clutter your home but will also prepare you for an imminent sale.  The less stress involved in the preparation for a move, the smoother the eventual transition.  Why wait? Do it now!

Isabelle Guay, PRES, RESA

Flow Home Staging



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