When tackling a major home renovation, hiring an interior designer may feel like little more than an added cost. However, designers are a key player in making sure your project goes smoothly from the beginning. And here’s why…

  • An interior designer takes the pressure off of your contractor for handling tasks such as materials selection, space planning and cosmetic decision making. This will ultimately save you time and money as these are a designer’s specific skill set, and their guidance can help whittle down an ocean’s worth of choices to a pool of your specific taste.
  • What do you feel goes into planning a room? What should be ordered first, a sink or the tiles? Any idea looks great on paper, but what about the finer details as the project progresses? This is where an interior designer really saves the day. Working in tandem with your contractor, a designer can ensure that every stage of your renovation – from demolition to final styling – stays on time, on budget and on target.
  • An interior designer can handle the preparation of construction drawings, both for tradespeople and for any necessary city permits, with a more immediate understanding of your project and the vision you have for your home.
  • Interior designers are trained professionals who have a unique understanding of both the technical mechanics of renovation, as well as a creative eye for unique décor. Hiring an interior designer helps bridge the gap between the mechanics of a house and the beauty of a home.

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