We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, home staging really works! Even partial stagings can help showcase your property and appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. This project was a perfect example.

Staging manager Chelsea styled this furnished apartment mixing accessories, bedding, art and some small furniture items from the Flow inventory with the owner’s belongings. The end result presented the home to its fullest potential: each area is well thought-out, polished and attractive to a wide audience of potential buyers.

Vancouver real estate agent Adina Dragasanu reported to us that this condo was listed for $729,900 and sold for $750,000, in only 11 days. This happened to be a record-breaking selling price, the highest for a one-bedroom in this particular building.

The Flow Team couldn’t be more thrilled for Adina and her clients, these are great statistics! These numbers help to underline how important staging is, especially in the current real estate market in Vancouver. At the very least, hiring a staging professional for a one hour consultation to help you plan the best way to set up your home for listing is extremely helpful: there’s a staging solution for any budget!

If you’re considering listing your home and are curious about home staging, feel free to give the Flow Team a call at 604-674-8884. We’d be happy to answer your questions. You can also email us at hello@flowsmartliving.com.