Deciding to sell your family home is not always an easy decision as we invariably grow attached to our surroundings and the memories we have built in and around our primary residence.  However, when the decision is made and your current home is listed, it becomes a product; one of hundreds of properties offering a place to live and an opportunity for a new family to put down roots.

As professional stagers, our goal is to showcase the versatility of your space.  We do this by making suggestions for changes you, yourself, can make with your existing furniture and accessories as well as providing alternate possibilities that we can provide to you with our furniture and accessories.  The pieces we bring into your home will not only add to the overall appeal of your home but will also give potential buyers a sense of what their home could be.  The staging process, essentially, allows the buyer to perceive possibilities, as the way we stage a home is far different from the way we live in it.  Staging creates a product, a beautiful space that everybody can feel at home in!